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I haven't updated this in a while. Maybe it will be good thearpy for me to do so. What has happened lately? Well for some reason I seem to attract women who don't want the nice guy and would prefer the asshole. Maybe its a sign that I should stop being a nice guy? I don't know. MB has issues she needs to work out on her own, I'm tired of being the only person to put any effort or energy in our relationship. She doesn't want one apparently, so why should I bother. Its like dating two different people sometimes. It would be so much easier if I could actually hate her. But I can't. I'm not going to put any more effort or enenrgy into this. If she wants some type of relationship, fine she needs to make the effort to call, because I am not fdoing so anymore. Because after all she did give me my walking papers so I am free again. Then why do I feel so hurt?
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