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Pleh...Underway again. Bad things happen in 3s? Nope try 4s. So we try to leave port for the first time in 3 weeks. First problem. We can't shift power to the helm controls. So we fix that so the boat can actualy move. While transiting out towards New London Ledge Light, we notice the main propeller shaft is making this horrible noise. End up having to drift in the sound while we tighten bolts around the main motor. Third problem, the high temp alarm goes off for the Prop-Gen. The damn thing is running at about 160 when it should be around 105. We troubleshoot and end up having to adjust the packing gland on the main temp relief valve. Thats three, time to call it a day...Last problem, we dock back at the CGA and promptly lose ventilation thus making the engine room my personal sauna at 126 degrees (versus the normal 102 earlier today).

The damn boat is trying to tell us something...Don't leave port! But alas, we have to head out for 3 days. The only good thing? We come back in Thursday for the day, the same day that MB is coming up to see her folks. Good stuff there. I think a roadhouse trip is in order, since she doesn't hang out too much on the right side of the river :)
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